Evil Rain Machine

Room 4 - Veiten 3, Bergen

4 - 10 Players

*** the Evil Rain Machine retired from active duty on the 10/07/2019 and is no longer available for booking ***

Have you ever wondered why it is always raining in Bergen?

It is the thing. The Evil Rain Machine. You will think me a crazed old man, but I have seen it with my own two eyes! My father led me into its halls when I was only a boy, revealing to me the truth that has been kept from so many for so long. The Machine takes and takes, building power and growing while we drown in its storms.

I call it a machine, but it is as alive as you or I. Closely guarded by its minions, this... Machine, has held its grip on power firm for as long as any can remember. Today is the day we defeat the machine! I have distracted the guardians - but we must hurry, we have barely an hour before they will realize my deception and be upon us! Quick, help me, and we will be free of this corruption once and for all!