Frequently Asked Questions

Are you open, currently? ▼

Our outdoor game, CITYHUNT is now back open and our Escape Rooms will be available to play from the 1st of June.

What measures are you taking re Covid 19?▼

For our indoor games we are implementing the following procedures:

- Reduced capacity in the rooms to 5 players
- Staggered bookings so that groups of players arrive separately
- Extra cleaning of the rooms including disinfection of hi-risk areas
- All players will be required to wash their hands prior to each game

We also have the following special measures in place for our outdoor game, Cityhunt:

- Our gamesmaster will greet the players in person and maintain the minimum safe distance
- We have updated the digital elements so that only one person need interact with the physical evidence folder
- The evidence folder will be thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant after each game
- Each folder will enter its own mini quarantine for a minimum of 1 week before it is used again

While we aim to do everything we can to ensure our staff and customers are safe we urge our customers to always follow the current advice provided by the kommune,

Should I play if I have flu-like symptoms/symptoms of the Covid 19 virus?

As per the current Kommune guidelines we would ask any player showing symptoms of a fever or cough (etc.) to avoid any unnecessary contact and as such to stay home. A full refund will be granted for any game cancelled due to the virus.

Is it safe? ▼

YES! Our goal is for you to be and feel safe during your visit with us. Our Gamemasters will receive you, and supervise your game from start to finish via camera/microphone, both to ensure your safety and guide you during gameplay as necessary.

Is the room locked? ▼

You are always able to leave the room without outside assistance. Not all escape rooms have a “locked door”, in cases where they do there will also be a clearly marked emergency key/code for use in an emergency situation.

How is the fire safety? ▼

Bryggen conforms to the fire safety code, and is regularly visited by the fire department. We are equipped with fire extinguishers, smoke detectors connected to central fire department notification, manual fire alarms connected to central fire department notification, clearly marked emergency exits, and sprinklers. All equipment is checked regularly to ensure proper maintenance. All escape rooms are checked before and between games, and our Gamemasters are on site observing every game via camera.

Do I need to speak Norwegian to play? ▼

No, we have designed the games in such a way that it is playable by both Norwegian- and English-speakers.

Can I place multiple bookings at the same time? ▼

Of course! The way to do this is the same way that you would make a single booking, i.e. by clicking this link

Can we be more people in the room than it is designed for? ▼

Unfortunately not. The capacity is determined based on our wish that all participants should get to enjoy a sufficient number of puzzles, in addition to the size of the room itself being a limitation.

We are a larger group, and wish to visit Escape Bryggen outside of regular opening hours. Is this possible? ▼

Please send us an email at, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs! Note however that this depends on us being able to find someone who can work during those hours, and that it costs an additional 150 NOK fee for opening outside of regular hours.

Will it be scary? ▼

Our shortly to be announced new room will contain some adult elements but is not scary in any fashion. The other rooms are not intended to be scary.

How should we dress for this? ▼

There are no special recommendations for this, you can wear what you like. You can even come wearing clown outfits if you would like.

What are the age limits? Can pregnant women play? How about wheelchair users? ▼

This takes place under safe conditions, so all age groups can participate (Our soon to be announced new room is recommended for adults due to some of its themes). Children under the age of 15 need adult supervision. The puzzles themselves are likely to be too difficult for children under the age of ten. At Bryggen we do not have the ability to receive customers in wheelchairs; we are not on the ground floor and do not have an elevator. If you have other special requirements, feel free to contact us, and we will try to find a solution that will work for you.

Is it possible to purchase gift cards? ▼

Yes! Gift cards can be purchased here.

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What do I do if the gift card expires before I am able to play? ▼

As long as the gift card itself is used before the expiry date, the date of the booking itself can be made for a later time, even after the expiry date. The expiry date on the gift card itself cannot be changed, but the booking date can be moved. Expired gift cards cannot be refunded.