"He has a flaming sword in his hand, and at the end of the world he will come and harry, conquer all the gods, and burn up the whole world with fire." - the Younger Edda
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Outdoor Game
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2 - 4 players per team
Up to 20 players per booking*
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1 Hour
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The padlocks indicate the level of difficulty. The more padlocks there are, the more difficult the game is.

A world renowned archaeologist has vanished! The only trace: a mysterious, rune covered cube. Dive into the history of Bryggen and attempt to solve the mystery at the heart of 'the Lost Rune'.

The Lost Rune is an outdoor 'AR' powered adventure. What is 'AR'? It is a technology where computer generated images are placed over real world imagery creating a unique mixture of the real and unreal.

Each team will be provided with everything they need, including a tablet that runs the game - you only need bring your wits and a sense of adventure!

*For bookings over 12 people, please send us an email.
Groups of 2 - 12 can use this link: