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Bryggen 35

4 - 12 Players
yellow Open lock iconyellow Open lock icongray open lock icon
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The padlocks indicate the level of difficulty. The more padlocks there are, the more difficult the room is.

"Know thy self, know the enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories" - SUN TZU

A head to head battle between two teams in our matching Hanseaticus rooms. Which team is the smartest? The boldest? Who shall escape the smugglers' curse and who is destined to join the gold as a permanent addition to the entombed riches?

Perfect for the more competitive among us or those looking to add a little edge to the classic escape room experience.

Each room is a near identical copy ensuring a fair competition with team balancing for unequal teams also available. Perfect for team building, putting cocky friends/family members in their place, and the settling of old scores!