Two people holding an old style lantern up to a map


Can you escape the curse?
Gauge with dial pointing almost halfwayyellow Open lock iconyellow Open lock iconA padlock, half yellow half gray.gray open lock icon
gray open lock icon
Medium Difficulty
An icon of a person
2 - 6 Players
Sillhouette of a family
Family Friendly
Outline of a pirate hat.
Pirate vibe!
Old style gas lantern.
Locks and keys - low tech!
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The original and best! Norway's first ever Escape Room lets you dive into an exciting adventure to escape the curse of the Hanseaticus brothers. Will you find the treasure in time? Or be turned to gold like so many of the previous treasure hunters?

Hanseaticus is a true, classic Escape Room - it features lots of puzzles, padlocks and hoards of Bryggen atmosphere!