A unique and entertaining quest of escaping Bryggen!

We challenge you to do it within 60 minutes using only your mind, logic, creativity and teamwork.



2 - 7 Players / Bryggen 35

Bountiful riches, hoarded by smugglers. Can you get to the treasures before their curse turns you into gold?


La Diva Supernova

2 - 7 Players / Skuteviksbodene 13

Someone has planted a bomb in the dressing room of an opera diva. Can you stop it before this superstar explodes?


Crimson Hotel

3- 7 Players / Skuteviksbodene 13

A creepy hotel room haunted by a heartless ghost. Will you help her, before she kills you? WARNING: spooky!


Evil Rain Machine

4 - 10 Players / Veiten 3, Bergen

Can you help save Bergen from the influence of The Evil Rain Machine, before you are discovered?

Who can play?

Friends & family

Spend a memorable 60 minutes with your friends or family, where you have to work together, experiment and solve riddles with one goal - to get out from a locked room in time. Going to the movies is so last millennium :)


Want a fun and fresh team-building event for your company? Get a package filled with problem solving, efficient communication, out-of-the-box thinking while the clock is ticking. Work as a team, cooperate and escape the room in time.


On the look-out for an inspirational date? Spend an intense 60 minutes in a fun environment with your loved one and experience moments that you will remember forever.


​The escape room is located in a major tourist attraction - Bryggen. Explore it's historic interiors and experience the unique and entertaining question of escaping Bryggen!