A unique and entertaining quest of escaping Bryggen!

We challenge you to do it within 60 minutes using only your mind, logic, creativity and teamwork.



2 - 7 players / Bryggen 35

Bountiful riches, hoarded by smugglers. Can you get to the treasures before their curse turns you into gold?


La Diva Supernova

2 - 7 Players / Bryggen 35

Someone has planted a bomb in the dressing room of an opera diva. Can you stop it before this superstar explodes?


Crimson Hotel

2- 7 Players / Bryggen 35

A creepy hotel room haunted by a heartless ghost. Will you help her, before she kills you? WARNING: spooky!


Evil Rain Machine

4 - 10 Players / Veiten 3, Bergen

*** the Evil Rain Machine retired from active duty on the 10/07/2019 and is no longer available for booking ***

Can you help save Bergen from the influence of The Evil Rain Machine, before you are discovered?

Vs Mode

Hanseaticus x 2

4 - 14 Players / Bryggen 35

Two rooms, two teams, but only one can escape the treasure's curse! Compete against your friends and settle old scores within our matching Hanseaticus rooms.

Who can play?

Friends & family

Spend a memorable 60 minutes with your friends or family, where you have to work together, experiment and solve riddles with one goal - to get out from a locked room in time. Going to the movies is so last millennium :)


Want a fun and fresh team-building event for your company? Get a package filled with problem solving, efficient communication, out-of-the-box thinking while the clock is ticking. Work as a team, cooperate and escape the room in time.


On the look-out for an inspirational date? Spend an intense 60 minutes in a fun environment with your loved one and experience moments that you will remember forever.


​Our escape room Hanseaticus is located in a major tourist attraction - Bryggen. Explore its historic interior and experience the unique and entertaining quest of escaping Bryggen!