La Diva Supernova

Bryggen 35

2 - 5 Players
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"I'm so glad you're here! I can't believe someone would do such a thing to me, the wonderful La Diva Supernova! I'm the greatest voice who has ever lived, the singer who bedazzled millions, no, billions! They love me, they all love me - why would anyone want to kill me? Just the thought of a world without my voice... oh, I'm getting faint. I need to, I need to sit down.

I'm fine, no, it's ok dear. They're monsters, that's what they are. Beasts. I do hope you find out who placed this horrible... thing, this...bomb, in my dressing room. And oh, I hope you can disarm it. Please, there's no time. Please help. I’m a star, a supernova, I’m not ready to die!"