5 - 100+ players

Duration: 1 hour + Setup Time
Location: Your premises/Bergen city cCentre
Price: 399,- per person + 4000,- Setup Costs
*Internet access & a smartphone/tablet per team of 5 Required

“Two possibilities exist: Either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.”
- Arthur C. Clarke

We do not know what they are, only what they want: the total destruction of the planet Earth. They are here, now, and only you can stop them!

INVASION is a game that we can bring to you: a sci-fi themed puzzle driven experience where players need to use their wits to prevent the destruction of the Earth. Included in the set up price is a game tailored to suit your location and two in-character gamemasters to run your game.

INVASION can be played almost anywhere, we just need space for the players, an active internet connection, and a little time to prepare (3 day minimum). NB If your own location is not suitable we have several alternatives provided by our partners within Bergen city centre.

INVASION is perfect for events, team building and special occasions! Click the button below to book and we shall contact you ASAP to arrange all the necessary details.

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