Varg Veum: Last Rites

2 - 6 Players
yellow Open lock iconyellow Open lock iconyellow Open lock icongray open lock icon
The padlocks indicate the level of difficulty. The more padlocks there are, the more difficult the room is.

Step into the shoes of Norway's greatest private detective as you attempt to solve one of his earliest - and most challenging - cases!

Vilhelm von Krogh is dead, poisoned in his own home, and while the police are sure they have caught the killer, no one seems to be able to find the poison. Enter Varg: hired by the prime suspect to try to clear her name.

With 20 novels and 12 feature films, Varg Veum is one of Norway's great literary heroes. Varg Veum: Last Rites is officially licensed and endorsed by Varg's author: Gunnar Staalesen.

NB as befitting the gritty world of Varg, this game contains adult themes - mentions of drugs and alcohol (and murder!). The game is available in both English and Norwegian.