Crimson Hotel has retired! It will shortly be replaced with an exciting new room - stay tuned!

Room 3 - Bryggen 35

2 - 7 Players

"Checking into the Crimson Hotel, are we? You are most welcome, of course.

I am happy to see you. Business has been a bit stale, with these rumors going around. There is simply no truth to that story about the couple who owned the place, before this became a hotel. They say that the man wanted to live close to his wife’s heart... and RIPPED it out from her body. Misplaced affection, mental illness... crazy stuff. Now she "haunts the room", trying to steal the hearts of guests to replace her own. Never works. It’s all very absurd. I am glad you came. You will see that I run a business of repute. Enjoy your night, my friends. (Let me know if you find a heart in there, heh heh.)"

WARNING: Might be spooky for some!